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Sports Injury

"After a 43 year lay off I decided to begin an exercise program and thought pole vaulting would be good to try again since I had done it in high school. Needless to say, pole vaulting at 65 years of age causes me to be far more susceptible to injury than younger athletes. Dr. Kakleas came highly recommended by a local high school pole vault coach after pain developed in my left calf. Since then I have had other leg and knee injuries as well; all of which Dr. Kakleas has fixed with his therapy, exercise plans, recommendations, and treatments. Dr. Kakleas has kept me vaulting competitively for 2 years. I recently cleared 10.0' and hope to clear 10' 6" or higher very soon. "
~ Art Ribbel

Dr. Jon Kakleas has over 25 years experience working with athletes and their injuries. From elite athletes of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics or members of the San Francisco 49rs and Giants to the avid runner/ bicyclist or "weekend warrior", Dr. Kakleas has had experience with all levels of sports care.

Successful treatments must focus not only on pain relief, but must address the underlying causes such as muscular imbalances, biomechanical deficiencies, improper sports techniques, and improper conditioning, to name a few. Dr. Kakleas takes a comprehensive approach in his treatment, evaluating the structure (bones) first and then incorporating the soft tissue (muscle, ligaments and tendons) aspect. A rehabilitation program is designed to meet your needs either at home or in the gym.

Common injuries that we have seen:

  • Overuse running injuries at the hip, knee or ankle
  • Lower back or neck injuries with weight training
  • Shoulder, elbows or wrist injuries with throwing or racquet sports

We know the differences between muscular strains, ligament sprains, and joint injuries. Your treatment will be specifically geared towards your exact problem. Most importantly, as your condition improves, we'll show you how to rehabilitate your injuries so that you won't have to worry about re-injuring yourself. Our job is to keep you active, not watching on the sidelines!

Give us a call today to schedule a chiropractic and/or physical therapy appointment or free consultation with Dr. Kakleas. We are conveniently located next to Highway 101 in North San Rafael, Marin County.

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